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Types Of Cabinetry | Waynesville, NC

Purchasing new cabinets in Waynesville, NC is a a great way to give your kitchen or bath an fresh new look, not only is it a way to give your house a new fresh look, it also gives you the chance to create a personalized storage that caters to you. Above all, cabinets make the biggest impression when it comes to your newly remodeled room. Cabinets having this much impact comes with a price as well. Understanding all the options is a critical step in choosing a type of cabinet that's right for you and your wallet Some questions that you may want to consider when researching cabinets are: • What do I get for the price? • Will it work tomorrow like it work today? • Does the manufacturer stand behind the product? There many factors that will play in the price when it comes cabinetry. These include: • Manufacturer • Quality of Construftion • Door Material • Door Style and Finish • Storage Options and accessories • Number of Cabinets • And what type of cabinetry that is chosen There are three basic types of cabinetry: • Custom or Shop Built Cabinetry • Semi-Custom Cabinetry • Stock or Production Cabinetry Custom or Shop Built Cabinetry This type is usually locally built in every region of the country, and the quality of these vary in a wide range. The wonderful thing about shop built cabinetry is the fact that there is no limitations are far as color and the way you want a cabinet to fit. With the up-sides there are down-sides to shop built cabinetry, the main one being the lack of capital to invest in state or the art technology that you would see in a bigger company. Something else to point out is that delivery of these cabinets can take anywhere from 6-10 weeks. Semi-Custom Cabinetry The next type of cabinetry you may want to consider is what the industry calls semi-custom cabinets. These are a fusion between stock cabinets and custom cabinets. The benefit of semi-custom cabinetry is there are more features than your traditional stock cabinetry and a shorter wait time than that of custom. Due to the fact that your cabinets will be created once the order is finalized, semi-custom cabinets are customizable with a wide selection of doors and finishes. One bad thing about this type of cabinet is the fact that quality can differ from company to company. Delivery can take up to 1 month Stock or Production Cabinetry As for the last type of cabinetry the industry describes it as stock or production cabinetry. These cabinets usually have a very durable finish, however suffer from a limited amount of styles, finishes, accessories, and hardware. The good thing about stock cabinets is the fact that they are usually more friendly on your wallet and are available in a few days.


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