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The wonderful and easy to access “Lazy Susan”

A lazy Susan is a corner cabinet that give the illusion of being two cabinet doors at right angles, however, when pushed on either door reveals itself to be a shelving system that spins on it axis. The benefits are quite straight forward which is proving more adequate storage space in an area that never fails at presenting logistical problems as far as traditional cabinets is concerned. A properly installed lazy Susan can provide you with the answer to the troublesome odd corners and tight spaces. The lazy Susan is the solution to those dark corners when your pots, pans, and Tupperware get lost and are never seen again. Imagine being able to instantly find what you need in those pesky corners. There is one down fall to the lazy Susan being the longevity of this product. The biggest and only complaint that arises is they have been accused of breaking over a period of time. This it usually due to miss use of the lazy Susan for they do have a weight limits. All in all, the lazy Susan will and can solve your problems for those tight and dark corners. Please feel free to contact Cabinets & Company to get your free quote for your new lazy Susan or new cabinets.


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